Picking a Car For All The Family

Just like Moms (and Dads too), family cars need to be good at multi-tasking. It can be pretty stressful transporting the family around when you have the comfort and safety of children, adults and pets to consider particularly if you don’t have the right type of family car for the job.
Here are a few tips of the things to watch out for when you next purchase a car for a growing family.
1 – Hatchback or Sedan? – Although a sedan will often look larger than a hatchback the room inside lacks flexibility. It can be tricky to fit even a stroller into some trunks on sedans. A hatchback also allows you to take your pet with you in the trunk whereas you can’t do that in a sedan. When it comes to family cars the hatchback definitely wins this little battle.
2 – The Doors – It goes without saying that five doors are essential when it comes to choosing a family car. Have you ever tried to fit a child’s car seat into the back of a three door hatchback? It’s not easy and it’s not nice. You should also ensure that the back doors open wide enough for you to easy install a car seat and for younger children to get in and out easily. Alternatively look for something with sliding rear doors – these not only provide convenient access but are particularly useful in a cramped parking space.


3 – Stadium Seats – This is another feature which is well worth looking out for. Stadium seating simply means that the rear car seats are raised up higher than the front seats. This is much more user friendly when it comes to fitting car seats and also gives the children a much better view out of the front of the car. This can even help to reduce travel sickness.
4 – Passenger Air Bags – Some modern cars give you the choice of deactivating the passenger air bag which is essential if you may need to fit a baby rear facing seat into the front of the car. It isn’t ideal or recommended to carry a baby in the front seat but if you need to do it then make sure that the air bag is deactivated.


5 – Good Storage Space – Anyone with a family will be all too aware that even with the smallest, younger children there comes a large amount of clutter. If you choose a family car which has lots of storage space it can really help to keep it tidy. You need plenty of storage features for children’s books and toys, drinks, snacks, spares diapers and the million and one other things which seem to be essential.


6 – Sliding Seats – These can provide a real bonus but are not something you’ll probably think about when you go to buy a new car for your family. They can be pushed back to increase the amount of leg room in the rear of the car or pushed forwards to increase the amount of space in the trunk. This also means that the children are closer to the passengers in the front which may make it easier to pass them drinks etc.
There’s a great range of cars available at ontario chrysler which are perfect for all the family. Take a look at what’s on offer and remember to particularly look out for these tips to make sure that you get the perfect model for the comfort and safety of your family. Check them out at OC Auto.

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