How To Get A Great Deal on a Used Car

When you are facing the very real prospect of needing a new car because your current one is about to die, it can be very daunting and very scary and even horrible and mortifying. Yes, it can be, but it also can be fun and an opportunity to change your life around with a new set of wheels. The biggest thing prospective car buyers face is that cars are not cheap and they’re likely looking at their biggest purchase of the year. So when you are faced with needing a new car, here are some great ways to save money on getting a used car so you can be back on the road.

Low Ball the Dealer


If you see a car you like but the sticker price is just a little too high for your liking, you can always try to low ball the dealer. Here’s the thing: dealers can operate from a position of power, knowing they not only know way more about cars than you do, but also how much they can actually sell the car for to still make a profit. Their sticker price is way higher than the amount they need to turn a profit, so they have a lot more wiggle room than they’d ever let on. We were at downey used cars and saw a car we wanted and were able to wiggle it down an extra one thousand dollars from the listed price. That’s fantastic savings that puts the car lower than what we would have spent on CraigsList.

Forget Cosmetics


Another thing that can get you a lot more value for your money is to worry less about what the car looks like, and worry more about the engine. If a potential new car for you has a few dings, but the engine is well maintained and in good shape, you can get a great deal on the car despite the fact that it doesn’t look brand new. Who cares if there’s a ding on it – all that will do is make it so you don’t care if you accidentally bump something, or get bumped by a 92-year old man in a Piggly Wiggly. If you head into McPeek Dodge, you may be able to get a good deal – if not, scour the internet, cause that’s really a good place to find the type of cars that will save you money by being cosmetically challenged.

Buy From Family


Another great method to find savings on a used car is to guilt a family member into selling you a car of theirs for cheap. Chances are you have a family member who is more successful than you and may be in the market for a new car. Find this out, and if so, offer to buy their car from them. They may be planning just to trade it in, and that’s the lowest they’ll get for it. You can either match that or even pay slightly less, and you’ll have new (to you) wheels and they’ll be getting their spiffy new Beemer and everyone wins.

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