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Greener gas, healthier lungs

The win: The Environmental Protection Agency announced new rules that lower the amount of sulfur in gasoline and cut tailpipe emissions from vehicles. Last year, Consumers Union testified before the EPA and collected more than 31,000 signatures in support of the regulations.

What’s inside for you: By breathing air that’s heavy with smog and other pollutants, millions of Americans struggle with health issues such as asthma and other respiratory problems that are caused and complex. Consumers Union thinks the new rules-known as ? “Tier 3 standards”-will bring about tremendous health and environmental benefits and push automakers to deliver more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Low-sulfur gasoline will even help improve vehicle reliability while lowering the costs of maintaining emissions systems. (Learn more about alternative fuels and hybrid and electric vehicles.)

Whenever you add up the advantages, it’s a large step forward by the EPA.

State lines: Gift Card City, U.S.A.

New Haven, Conn., appears to be the first city to enter the gift-card business. Its “Shop-Dine-Park” card costs $4, can hold as much as $999, and supports more than 250 local retailers and restaurants.

Will city-backed financial products remove in 2014? We are all for community support, but gift cards don’t come with the same protections as credit and atm cards. Your losses won’t be limited in the event of theft or fraud. Check our gift card coverage at to discover perks and pitfalls.


That’s the typical number of mortgage-­related complaints received each month from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a tally that has shown little improvement. Consumers Union looks toward seeing the impact newest rules enacted in 2014 by the CFPB that aim to prevent irresponsible lending practices. We’ll still push for their full enforcement.

He is a person the court should expect to defraud his fellow inmates when in custody and also to continue to commit fraud into old age. He appears able to nothing else.

-The federal prosecutor’s description of your TV pitchman and author Kevin Trudeau, who in March was sentenced to 10 years in prison for violating a 2004 court order prohibiting him from making deceptive infomercials.

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